Tuesday, May 15, 2012

David Mandell's Headshots/ Modeling Shots

I am always super excited when a friend asks me to take pictures for them. David has been telling me he wanted me to take his headshots for months, ever since I came into Angus's USC Theatre class to announce my USC student headshot deal (visit my website or email me for details!).

After months of "one day, one day", that day finally came! I got a definite inquiry from him and we had two wonderful photo sessions to capture some awesome headshots and body shots! I whipped out my new reflector (notice the awesome catch light in the headshots) and made some of my FAVORITE headshots ever!

David is a theatre major at USC and will be working at Disneyland this summer- he has a bright future ahead of him. Take a look at some of our favorite shots below!

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