Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lights, Camera, Passion!

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Today, I had the honor of appearing on-Camera for the USC School of Cinematic Arts! Check out my blog on it here (or pasted below):

"Kylie Nicholson, Take 1. And, Action!"

These are some words I never thought I'd hear. I used to be terrified of public speaking. We were required to give speeches in my 10th grade English class. I remember being so nervous, pacing around the house rehearsing my words over and over again; day of the speech, I volunteered to go first because I knew that if I watched anyone else speak my nerves would overwhelm me. Speaking to 30 or so classmates terrified me; I could feel my face turning bright red-- the ginger curse.
All of this suddenly changed during college acceptance season. I interviewed at numerous schools no problem. I became a bright, bubbly, friendly personality- not something you would have gotten from shy Kylie years prior. In the spring of my Senior Year, I attended a scholarship award ceremony where we were asked to give impromptu thank you speeches. This would have been enough to drive me out of the room years ago. I shocked my parents when I calmly walked up, beaming, and gave a candid speech to which my dad replied: "That was great, sweetie. So genuine, comfortable, and endearing". Whoda thunk! I guess this just shows how once I found myself and my personality, i was able to shine. This all happened after I decided to attend USC, following my passion for photography and living life full of joy. 

As a photographer I am able to hide behind the camera :) In fact, the first time I was put in front of the camera was at a photography workshop; participants doubled as models for everyone else. I was so terrified of being photographed that I almost didn't attend! This was the workshop that helped me launch my photography business; had I let that fear get in my way, I wouldn't be where I am today, being hired to take beautiful images of people, capturing their personalities-- my passion, which gives me life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am in awe: I overcame my fear. I'm so blessed and thankful to have ended up where I am today. I am loved and supported. I attend the most WONDERFUL university where I am given opportunities like this. Heck, I got to push through a major that fit my passions (Media Arts and Practice)! I can't believe it.  

So how did the interview go, you ask? It was awesome! I got my makeup touched up, met the crew, and was ushered into a chair surrounded by bright lights. Two cameras on me, the director and I had a conversation about the Media Arts and Practice program, my favorite experiences, ect. Afterwards, the director said that I was great! She was impressed with how "good a speaker" I was. She was only a few years out of college and was totally relatable. This was SUCH a cool experience. I'm high on adrenaline right now. My life rocks-- life is just SO COOL.

Not going to lie: when i walked into the room I was quite intimidated! I was contacted earlier this week by the video producer. I was told they were shooting a new SCA recruitment/ admission video: that this video will be shown to the next DECADE of SCA students when they enter USC, in addition to prospective students. This is no small audience; what a big deal and an honor to be chosen as the one student (recommended by my professors) to speak on behalf of MA+P. 

Live life passionately. I don't know how I ended up where I am, with all these amazing opportunities, but I am just so thankful. 

Humbly, until next time,

xoxo Ky


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