Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's About the Parents... Los Angeles Popular Music Photographer

It's the end of the semester, which means final projects and exams. The Popular Music Performance program here at USC has final exams... aka final performances. These shows are two hours of some of the best live music I have ever heard. The talent level on these kids is ridiculous- many of them could be signed today.

As the official photographer for the Pop Music Program, that means that I'm photographing all of these events. Many kids' parents come in for the final and I get to meet them.

There's nothing better than having a parent come up to you and say, "I really LOVE what you do. I really appreciate you", or simply, "you're the best photographer!" I am so humbled and touched by these words. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about the picture. It's about the music. The passion. The person performing: their heart and soul. And if I can use my gift of photography to capture and express the story of what happened onstage while parents were in other cities across the country and make them feel like they were there watching their child be a rockstar... Mission accomplished.

Photographically yours,



  1. Kylie, Thank you for the moments you have captured in time. Without being present at Showcases these past years, I am so grateful to see the stunning pictures you have taken of Genevieve and all the USC musicians over time. It warms my heart to know that I am able to experience these performances through your artistic lens. Your gift of photographing musicians in their moment has allowed me to experience the passion, emotion, and honesty in the truest sense. THANK YOU for Sharing your gift with those of us who cannot be there. Fondly, Beverly Projansky

    1. Beverly,
      Your words bring joy to my heart! I am so grateful for your appreciation. Photographing the students is my pleasure and I'm so glad I am able to do so. I'm glad the passion and emotion is captured- that's my goal! Thank you again.


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