Thursday, January 24, 2013

Through a Different Lens...

On my Monday off, I was strolling through campus when I came upon a fountain with odd bubbles. "A soapy fountain" I thought to myself as I walked over to look at it. These pictures resulted. I call it "iPhone-tography"!

As I continued on, I was inspired to photograph campus. Having only my wallet and phone with me, I was constrained to my iPhone. Instead of going back to get my camera, I decided to challenge myself. I have all this fancy camera equipment back at home, but photography isn't about the equipment. It's about the eye-- seeing the world in a different way. Here's just a few of the many pictures I composed that morning. These are all unedited images. Enjoy!

How cool is this next one? It's like a laser beam of sunlight!

Beautiful streams of light outside Doheney Library.

Pensive Reflection outside VKC.

Some photography is all about the emotion the image evokes, as it is in the image above.
Here's some fun geometry from my dorm last year, Birnkrant.

And finally, who says iPhone cameras aren't of quality? Here's a shallow depth of field close up shot, from a worm's eye view! I love this one.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Photographically yours,


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