Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting a Little Sentimental... Los Angeles Concert Photographer

"You capture her spirit so well"

These are some of the greatest words I can be complimented.

I had the pleasure of photographing the first-year Thornton Popular Music students' final performance last week. These performances are some of my favorite gigs to photograph. What made this one so special was the presence of the students' parents. Throughout the year, these parents have seen my pictures of their kids pop up on facebook and on this blog. I didn't think anything of it, but I had multiple parents come up and express their gratitude for my images. To have a parent-- someone who's nurtured their child for over 18 years-- tell me that I capture his daughter's spirit in images means the world to me.

I seek to capture the essence of a person in my images. I want to capture the energy in a room, the moments onstage. This year has been great, but not without being surrounded by an amazing family of musicians who have adopted me as one of their own :) I am so blessed to have been embraced by this community. Thanks to the Popular Music Program and Chris Sampson for keeping me around!

Chase Kroesche and Malia Civetz. Malia's father is quoted in the first line of this blog.

Photographically yours,


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