Saturday, January 7, 2012

Danny Wirick: Live at Tommy's Place!

You may recognize Danny from my USC Thornton School of Music Popular Music Showcase Performace pictures. Danny is a freshman Popular Music major at USC and a great friend of mine. Over parent's weekend in October, Danny had his own show on campus at Tommy's Place. His band is made up of mostly of Popular Music majors, with two of his gospel choir friends as backup vocalists, and even me as a guest tambourine player! hehe :-) 

Included in the show was guest vocalist Liliana De Los Reyes, Pianist Nolan Frank, Drummer Dan Vanchieri, Bassist Brian Jones, Guitarists Devon Eisenbarger and Anna Schulze, and backup vocalists Courtnie Henson and Becca Berry. All of these musicians are INSANELY talented!

Here are some images from the wonderful show!

This picture below is my favorite!

Love this picture of the glowing afro!

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