Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Photographically Blessed Day!

My first semester of college kept me busy and I didn't spend as much time in my photography as I would have liked. This past Friday, I was asked to do three separate photoshoots- I was so excited!

Photography is my passion- I just love it so much!

My friend Megan picked me up at 10 am and we photographed around Annapolis. Then, my neighbor and aspiring actress Stephanie Dimont came down to my house for a headshot photoshoot. That evening, I met my good friends Erica and Nick downtown for a three-year anniversary couple's photoshoot! Each of these shoots were fabulous and so different: I got to work many different photographic muscles and I am SO happy with the results! Check them out below:

Also, look at what Megan's friend Cassie gave her for Christmas- a hand- bedazzled ice scraper! TOO CUTE! Need a DIY Christmas gift idea? Look no further! I saw this while riding in Megan's car with her.

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