Monday, April 22, 2013

Walk the Moon at USC Springfest! Los Angeles Concert Photographer

These guys put on a killer show and had a blast onstage! I was out in the crowd (and slightly dance-impaired because of my camera) but still managed to get some great shots and have an awesome time!

Before the show, one of the members came out to paint the faces of some of the crowd. So fun!

And then they began to play!

There was a catwalk on the stage for the band to come down and interact with the crowd. Here, he gets the crowd pumped up and clapping to the beat. Note, my freshman dorm is in the background :)

Not only is their music great, but these guys have so much fun onstage!

I love this shot. I feel like it really captures the energy of the crowd and the connected spirit of a concert-- we're all united by music.

This kid was having a great time, up on someone's shoulders! Haha!

Quite the solid afternoon, and a change from the many USC concerts I photograph indoors! However, it was still closely connected to my other shows. Faith Tucker, who I photographed at USC Pop Fest, opened for these boys. She's a wonderfully talented performer and a total sweetheart! Here's some images of her at Pop Fest!

Have a great day!

Photographically yours,


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