Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Little Sofie- Los Angeles Portrait Photographer- NYC People Series #3

Meet Little Sofie, Mom in training. I was sitting in a park in NYC journaling one morning when a mother and daughter walked by my bench. Sofie caught my eye as she wheeled her miniature stroller next to her mom's full-size one.

It was just the two of them: Sofie's mother's stroller was meant for Sofie, and Sofie wanted to be just like her mom. The relationship between the two of them is obviously close-- it was so touching to watch them in the park together.

Sofie spotted some squirrels and her mom gave her some goldfish to feed them. If you've ever been in a park or on a beach when people feed animals, the animals become even more friendly once they find out you have food. Sofie and her mom had a great time feeding the squirrels-- adorable!

Sofie's mom Andrea was a total sweetheart, open to me photographing Sofie and telling me a bit about their family. Thanks for a lovely encounter, ladies!

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