Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meet Maddie- Los Angeles New York Headshot Portrait Photographer- NYC People Series #1

Life is beautiful. It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, charging from one goal to the next, attempting to rack up achievements & pleasures. I took the megabus up to New York City this week, and was looking forward to sleeping on the 3.5 hour ride after my 5am wakeup call to catch the bus. Life had other plans. Instead, I made a friend and launched a people-centric photo project that I would carry through my 3 days in NYC.

Meet Maddie. An NYC acting student, this girl is a wise soul. Bubbly and sweet, yet deep and brooding inside she acts, writes, and prefers to do a character study over going out with friends. The way she approaches life mirrors how she writes: as a wise observer, constantly thinking about deeper things. I couldn't have guessed that I'd meet such a soul sister on the bus.

Some one-liners from Maddie:

"I'm just spitting out words from my soul" -- on incoherent sentences. AMEN SISTA. Be true.

"I don't have a plan B. I know that's crazy to some people" -- on doing acting and theatre so matter what. Follow your passion. Acting is a part of her- if she's not doing it, she's not being her. It's an expression of herself.

"I'm just so passionate about acting- it's what I live and breathe. It's all I wanna do"

Maddie, thanks for sharing with me. Thanks for our vulnerable talk. My wish for you is perseverance through the sea of finding your way. Just keep following that shining light that's mirrored in your heart. Be true to yourself and your craft, love others, and honor whatever power you may (God, the universe, ect).

I can't wait to see you again- headshots?! ;)

Photographically yours,


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