Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Business as Usual... or not.

Business- the career fair came to my university this past week. I captured students eager to network, conversing with recruiters and clutching resumes hopefully. I was out shooting on campus for an in-class photography assignment and captured this trio of male students passing by. I love how in synch their steps, outfits, and presentation are.

as Usual- still photography is my usual. What happens when I animate it?


I'm excited to share, so I'm posting Wednesday's blog early! This is what I made while procrastinating editing other images for my photo project:

I hope you enjoyed the outcome of my little playdate with animation! I sure did. I love the little details I only saw after animating it:
1. The man that appears on the left side for a second
2. How the boy in the white shirt on the right looks up in the third frame
3. The man on the left (in front of the walkers) raising the umbrella -- what a cool detail I would have completely missed otherwise!

Guess I discovered a benefit of animation firsthand!

Photographically yours,


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