Monday, February 4, 2013

Chandelier Perspectives

Hello again!

You're in for a treat: more photos! This photo class is doing me well, having me flex my creativity muscles and have a BLAST pursuing my PASSION yet again! woot woot!

These images were shot as a response to a prompt to explore an object, photographing it from very different perspectives and distances. 

I am so pleased with my result! I have about 100 images of this chandelier, but these 4 were my final project. I love how the light plays with the glass shapes!

Check out the reflections in this next one: mirrors on mirrors! I also love the star shape the light makes coming out of the candles :)

Here's a fun one for you: shot through the chandelier! 

And a little geometry & symmetry for you. Miranda (a classmate) referred to it as a snowflake:

Yay! Thanks for reading! More images yet to come, so stay tuned.

Photographically yours,


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