Friday, February 8, 2013

Fancy Car Friday- Los Angeles Arts District

Check this sucker out! I was exploring Los Angeles with a friend and happened upon this cherry red Lincoln in the parking lot. It was beautifully waxed and washed-- there were still droplets on the handle, check them out on the image below!

We were en-route to the trendy LA eatery, Wurstkuche. They have a wide variety of sausages on delicious buns, great topping and the most AMAZING fries with tons of dipping sauce options. I want to go back right now! Check them out: 

Also in the area is an adorable, funky art store, Poketo. I had to pull myself out of the store!

We came back for dinner at a trendy small plates place, Americano. Their motto: eat, drink, Americano. Again, so great!

Basically, this area is so trendy. and artsy. I want to live here.

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