Monday, February 4, 2013

Thornton Pop Junior Performance Final Fall 2012

I took over 500 pictures this night! I always have such a hard time paring down my images from these events. The ones I selected to display below I like because they capture the energy and passion of the night; these students are doing what they love full out. They have put aside all other interests and obligations in life to pursue music. That's so inspiring-- it inspires me to push myself photographically. These images capture emotions that speak to my soul.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them and watching the students perform!

 Aaron Childs catches sick air as his back-up vocalists look on with wide smiles.

 Sing it!
 I love this candid smile exchange.

 The drummer, positioned in the back of most bands, tends to get left out of images; not the case in this sick picture!

 Sing it, Nina!
 Maddie Ross and her band belt it out.
 A musical exchange between violin and guitar.
 GO Madison and Segun!
 Josh Goldberg on the keys.

Special Guest Jimmy Villaflor and the band rock out to some heavy metal. What a surprise!

Rock on, my friends.

Photographically yours,


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